jueves, 30 de abril de 2009

oasis in Lima, PERU Soundcheck and update (international post)

Soundcheck (edit):

1.- instrumental jam
2.- to be where there's life (noel on vocals)
3.- waiting for the rapture (noel on vocals)
4.- my big mouth (instrumental)
5.- Live Forever (instrumental)
6.- Roll with it ((instrumental)
7.- Half the world away (noel on vocals)
8.- Gas panic! (Noel on vocals, played 3 times, 15 minutes version long)

Liam went out for a walk outside the hotel in the morning, finally I got the chance to meet him, he signed me my Songbird single!! my friend gave to him a national team t-shirt.

Yesterday at the hotel we met Andy Bell and Noel. We've got Andy's autograph, however Noel were NOT allowed by their security to come to us, even it looked like he wanted to...a big hello he gave us though!!!


We hope the setlist will have more than 1 surprise.

And NOEL, yes, we have a fantastic Murphy's Irish Pub a few blocks around your hotel, call me if you want to know it!!!

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